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Monday, January 5, 2009

Dragon's Keep by Janet Lee Carey

From the Book Jacket:

"Far away on Wilde Island lives a princess born with a dragon claw.

No one, save her mother, the queen, knows her terrible secret. And the queen has forced her to wear gloves at all times until a cure can be found. Rosalind is a princess, so she must be perfect - how else can she fulfill Merlin's six-hundred-year-old prophecy that will restore her banished royal familiy to its rightful throne?

But Rosalind's flaw cannot be separated from her fate. And soon the bloodthirsty dragon that plagues Wilde Island carries her off. The dragon sees beauty in her talon where her mother sees only shame. And on Dragon's Keep, Rosalind comes to understand the truth behind the prophecy that has haunted her since birth.

Is Rosie a princess? Or the spawn of a dragon? Which part of her blood holds the secret to who she really is?"

This story pulls you right in to the life of Rosalind and all of her worries, successes, and realizations. She is convinced that no man will ever love her with a dragon's claw - it's a sure sign of witchcraft. Because of this, her mother has sent away for every type of healer or magician to rid her of the curse. When none of these options works, Rosie finally begins to realize the reason for her curse - and how to live with it.

Rosalind's story a wonderful fantasy, but it also has some heftier topics to deal with. This book was recommended to me by a coworker (also a librarian). I really wasn't sure if I was going to enjoy this book (from the description, cover, etc), but I really ended up enjoying it. Once I got into the story, I couldn't put it down. It's a little bit predictable toward the end, but it's very satisfying.

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