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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress by Maria Padian

Title: Brett McCarthy: Work in Progress
Author: Maria Padian
ISBN: 9780375846755
Publisher: Alfred A. Knopf

"Meet Brett McCarthy:
best eighth-grade corned kicker in Main, vocabulary ace, best friend to Diane.

Until the prank.

Overnight she's become: a loser at school, archenemy to Jeanne Anne (it's all Jeanne Anne's fault, anyway), and a juvenile delinquent who has to eat lunch with the principal every day. Indefinitely.

Now Brett's got to figure out how to get through her days right when everything and everyone - including her other best friend, Michael the brainiac, and her bazooka-blasting grandmother, Nonna - is changing and nothing is staying the same.

This book was a really fun and quick read. It was very much predictable, but sometimes it is nice to have a story where you know what's going to happen. But even though it's a comfy, obvious story, I enjoyed reading it. It's a fun story that takes you back to a time that I know most people don't want to relive - namely, middle school.

But the characters are pretty realistic and have some very funny moments. And you do feel good about the story when it's over - even if it is kinda emotional. It's perfect for that middle-range reader... or even the younger reader prepping for middle school. Perhaps it will help them get a grip on some of those changes that are about to happen.

I'll be recommending this to girls mostly - ones that are looking for a fun read. I also thought it was interesting that there were definitions throughout the whole book. I do think it makes it a little teachy, but it really works within the story. I'd definitely recommend it.
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