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Monday, May 10, 2010

Musing Mondays (7)

Musing Mondays is a meme hosted by Rebecca at Just One More Page...! Just go to her blog to find the topic of the week.

Do you have to carve out time in your day for reading (due to work and other obligations), or does your reading just happen naturally? (Question courtesy of MizB)

You know... this is an interesting question. Mostly because I had to actually think about the time that I've carved out for reading. Here's how my day typically goes in terms of reading:

I ride the train in to work every morning (about 30 minutes) - I read pretty much every time.
As I've mentioned before, I do read during lunch (1 hour) - it's my only non-people time.
I read on the train ride home (about 30 minutes)
And if I'm really into a book, I'll read when I get home. This, of course, depends also on my darling fiance and how much attention he needs :). Typically I don't read all that much at home - maybe 30min-1hour... but if he's on a video game binge, I read a lot more (unless I have hours of tv sitting on the dvr).

So, I guess to me it doesn't feel carved out in my day. Though, I suppose at some point I carved this and now it just feels natural. I think if I didn't have the train rides every day I would read a lot less.

What about you? Does your reading time feel like it cuts into your day?

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Nise' said...

Commuting is a great time to read.

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