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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Reached by Ally Condie

Title: Reached
Author: Ally Condie
ISBN: 9780525423669
Publisher: Dutton Books
Released: November 13, 2012
Series: Matched #3
Page #: 512
Source: My public library

"Cassia's journey began with an error, a momentary glitch in the otherwise perfect facade of the Society. After crossing canyons to break free, she waits, silk and paper smuggled against her skin, ready for the final chapter.

The wait is over.

One young woman has raged against those who threaten to keep away what matters most - family, love, choice. Her quiet revolution is about to explode into full-scale rebellion."
First Lines:

"Every morning, the sun comes up and turns the earth red, and I think: This could be the day when everything changes. Maybe today the Society will fall."

Okay, so at the end of the last book I was really worried about how the final book in this trilogy would turn out. But really it's a great conclusion - giving you a feeling of full circle. Life is the way it should be... and everyone is somewhat happy.

This is the final book in the Matched Trilogy. Cassia has been through some crazy hardships. She's been in the Society, out to the fringe areas, in the Rising, and back into the Society. It's been quite the roller coaster, but she is finally figuring out where she belongs. And who she belongs with. You learn even more about her family and how they have gotten her to where she is and how they help her figure out the greatest mystery of her life.

You know, now that I think about it... this book has the same sort of two-story thing that the second book had. You start out with all of these characters placed around in the Society waiting for something to happen. There is a clear picture of what their lives are like and how things have changed. But then the plague hits and you have a whole new story. It wasn't as drastic as the second book, but it's sort of the same formula. Not necessarily a bad thing... just interesting.

I don't know that I can say I loved this book. The first book was fantastic, but this was probably my second favorite. There is a lot more self-actualization in this one. Cassia is figuring out what it means to be an artist, a poet. Ky has finally found a roll that suits him perfectly - a pilot - and all of the things that affords him. And Xander has become one of the best doctors ever. It almost feels like this story should take place years down the road instead of just after the Rising comes into place.

While this book is about the Rising finally, you know, rising... it's sort of a quiet story. The action is against the plague - which is a quiet disease because all of the patients go "still." And there doesn't seem to be any sort of uprising. I think I was expecting much more of a boom in the end. And some buildings to collapse or something. I would expect the end of the Society to be much louder. But, you know, that's sort of how changes happen for real, isn't it? Small changes with big names... It's an interesting concept.

Sometimes it seems like authors want to leave you hanging on forever. But I really loved that this book comes to a very complete, very satisfying conclusion. There aren't any people you're still worrying about. There aren't any unknowns about how life is going to be from here on out. I just felt very satisfied when it was all over. 

If you haven't read Matched, I highly suggest you do so. You won't be sorry. And I look forward to whatever Ally Condie has for us next. I just know it will be amazing, whatever it is!
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