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Sunday, May 24, 2009

Girls by Tucker Shaw

Title: Girls
Author: Tucker Shaw
ISBN: 9780810983489
Publisher: Amulet Books

"Meet Mary- She's beautiful, she's a good girl, and her ski star boyfriend is cheating on her.

Meet Crystal- She's a townie, she works at Mod Jeans, and she's cheating with Mary's boyfriend.

Meet Sylvia- She's nasty, she's rich, and she's got something up her Prada designed sleeve.

Meet Amber- She's a flake, she's the barista at the hottest coffee shop in Aspen, and she serves up gossip even hotter than grande skim lattes.

Meet Peggy- She's Mary's best friend, she's a showboarder and aspiring chef, and she has no idea how to deal with all these girls.

A modern retelling of Clare Boothe Luce's classic play The Women (which featured not one male in the cast). The Girls is a quick-witted, stylish comedy about friendship, love, and most important, gossip! An elite Aspen prep school sets the stage for jealousy and intrigue as the lives of many girls intertwine and tangle into a wickedly fun mess (in which no boys ever appear)."

I haven't read/seen The Women, but perhaps I will now that I've read this retelling. If the front flap of the book had not said there were no male characters in the book, I don't think I would have noticed. This book was such a fun, drama-filled story! It was a much faster read than I thought it was going to be - but I suppose two sentence chapters make for a fast book :).

The story is catty and gossipy and all things good about chick lit. If you are a fan of the chick lit stuff, I'd definitely recommend this book to you. It is pretty much all about boys and relationships, but with no actual guys making appearances. This book is good for all ages of girls (middle school and up).

I have to say, though, that if you're into cooking - this is a great book. There are tons of recipes mentioned and a list of a few in the back pages. I almost wanted to make them myself - and I'm not a cook, so much.

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