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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tyrell by Coe Booth

Title: Tyrell
Author: Coe Booth
ISBN: 0439838797
Publisher: Push, Scholastic

"Tyrell can't get a break. His dad's in jail, his mom's no help, his brother's just a kid, and his girlfriend, Novisha, wants more than he can give.

Ms. Jenkins is just talking on and on 'bout how me and my family need to stay close and keep our faith in God strong while we going through hard times. I nod every couple minutes so she think I'm really listening, but to be honest, I'm really tired of everyone saying that. Like they know what we going through.

He's living in a shelter, but he doesn't want to be there long.

I really wanna put my fist through the wall. I can't calm myself down. I can feel the blood pounding in my brain. I gotta do something. I wanna go somewhere, but I don't got nowhere to go.

So he comes up with a plan. It could save him. Or it could backfire completely.

It's too much pressure.

Welcome to Tyrell's world."

This book was much more real than I was expecting. I know that sounds like a stupid thing to say, but the topics were just really heavy and very realistic. Since working in NYC, I've found that Tyrell's reality is very, very close to what the kids I work with deal with every day.

The one thing about this story that bothered me was the fact that it didn't really end. I mean, it did... but you were left feeling like there was much more to the story than you got. I guess it's good that it makes you wish for more - and it helps open discussions in a book group.

I would absolutely recommend this book to those looking for interesting urban fiction. Perhaps it isn't for the younger kids - because of language, drug use, and sexual topics. Of course, those are the things that make it realistic, but older kids would get it better. So yeah.

I haven't been very clear. Book great. Book recommended. Book good for discussion. Go for it - as long as you're ready for some harsh reality!

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