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Saturday, September 5, 2009

Heroes: Volume One by Various and Tim Sale

Title: Heroes: Volume One
Author: Various and Tim Sale
ISBN: 9781401217112
Publisher: DC Comics

"A mere television show couldn't contain us. There are still more stories to tell, that we wanted to tell but couldn't... We hope you enjoy (this graphic novel) and let yourself get lost in the Heroes world."
-- Masi Oka, from his introduction

"Heroes volume one collects the first thirty-four installments of the online graphic novel. Read the amazing stories that happened in-between the aired episodes!"


I am a huge fan of this tv show! I am one of those people who is upset when I miss an episode. I hadn't read any of the online comic books, so I was really excited to get my hands on the book that includes a bunch of them.

The story was interesting - because it was really between the stuff on the tv show. I was expecting more of the regular characters, but was happy to see there were more stories I hadn't seen before.

The art was really cool because it was so much like the characters on the show (the ones that are on the show, that is). It's a little creepy at times, but I really enjoyed the graphics. I'd recommend this only to the people who are fans of the show, though... just because I think most others would be a little confused by the story. But I do recommend it.
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