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Sunday, February 5, 2012

52 Reasons to Hate My Father by Jessica Brody

Title: 52 Reasons to Hate My Father
Author: Jessica Brody
ISBN: 9780374323035
Publisher: Farrar Straus Giroux
Released: July 03, 2012
Page #: 337
Source: ARC from the publisher

"Famous teen heiress Lexington Larrabee has never had to work a day in her life. But all of that changes on her eighteenth birthday when her ever-absent mogul father decides to take a more positive approach to her life. Every week for the next year, she will have to take on a different low-wage job if she ever want to receive her beloved trust fund. But if there's anything worse than working as a maid, a dishwasher, and a fast-food restaurant employee, it's dealing with the arrogant, albeit moderately attractive, college intern her father has assigned to keep tabs on her. Readers of all ages are sure to fall in love with Jessica Brody's delightful riches-to-rags comedy."
First Lines:

"My father is going to kill me.
Actually, on second thought, he probably doesn't have time to kill me. But he is going to send someone to do it for him. He's really good at that. Sending people."
Page 3

The story of a girl with too much money, too much time, and not enough common sense. Wouldn't that be a great problem to have. She does have problems though - the press. Her absent father. And her father's employees who seem to be out to get her. Because of her recent show of disregard for life in general, her father has decided to implement a year of menial jobs for her to do. Each one more tedious than the last. Not to mention that she now has a babysitter who is basically a robot.

In all honesty, I hated the main character from page one. Not in a "what a terrible chacter" or "I envy that life" kinda ways. It's more of a "I just want to shake some sense into her" thing. I do realize that I needed that opinion to really feel better about the ending. There are some changes that happen halfway through the book that make it all worth while.

This book was a little bit like watching a Disney movie. The characters are people you can really easily picture and understand. They seem to wear everything on their sleeves (for the most part). There are some funny parts where you think, "oh, that's just like her!" or something... then there are serious bits that don't seem so serious. See? Made for tv movie. Really, that's not a knock on the book - it's just an observation.

Um, update. I didn't see this article till after I wrote my review: http://www.jessicabrody.com/2011/01/52-reasons-film-option/

Because I'm such a girl sometimes, I would have liked a little more buildup into the relationship stuff. I was excited to realize where the relationship was going to go, but I had hoped for a little more of the pre-relationship jitters. I think smoe of my favorite characters were the ones at the different jobs. Especially Rolando. I loved that he made another appearance in the story later.

I really did have fun reading this story. It's light and easy and fun to think about an heiress learning to vaccuum - and other wonderful stuff like that. I think it will definitely find its place among all of the fun chick lit out there. If you're a fan of that genre, I'd suggest you get your hands on this novel as soon as it comes out. I've read other things by this author and loved them - and I cannot wait to see what she has in store for us in the future.
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Alex (A Girl, Books, OtherThings) said...

I think this book sounds like a lot of fun!
;) I think I would like it, thanks for this review.

Katie DeKoster said...

I haven't even heard of this one yet! I clicked over just b/c I thought the title was pretty blatantly horrible, but I actually really like the idea behind the book. It reminds me in some ways of "The Ultimate Gift." And definitely sounds like a made-for-tv movie... probably on ABC Family :)

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