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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Weekly Geeks: A-Z Favorite Authors

I've been reading through some of my overflow of blogs on my feed reader and came across this meme that sounds fun. It was posted on the Weekly Geeks website and copied onto someone's blog. Now I wanna do it! I'm such a sucker for memes. It's sad. But it's the perfect thing to do on this rainy Saturday afternoon (while I'm at work. Don't tell).

From Weekly Geeks:
"You know how when someone asks you who your favorite author is? And you feel a bit crazy coming up with just one? Now is your chance to come up with 26 (at least) favorite authors by making a list of them ABC style. (See my above link from the past for an example.) There are no rules, list a couple per letter if you feel the need. Skip a letter if you draw a blank. Make it be categories if you want to. For instance, a favorite YA author list. A favorite classic author list. A favorite “new to me” author list. A favorite mystery author list.

Or simply an all time favorite author list… from A to Z!"

A- Anderson, Laurie Halse
Armstrong, Kelley
Asher, Jay
B- Benway, Robin
Black, Holly
Bray, Libba
C- Cabot, Meg
Clare, Cassandra
Collins, Suzanne
D- Dagg, Carol Estby
Doctorow, Cory
E- Edge, Harry
F- Fitzpatrick, Becca
G- Gaiman, Neil
George, Jessica Day
Gerber, Linda
Godbersen, Anna
Green, John
H- Harrison, Lisi
Holder, Nancy
I- "IraqiGirl"*
J- Johnson, Maureen
K- Kagawa, Julie
Kogler, Jennifer Anne
L- Levithan, David
Lockhart, E.
Lyga, Barry
M- McMann, Lisa
Mead, Richelle
Myracle, Lauren
N- Napoli, Donna Jo
O- Oliver, Jana
Omololu, CJ
P- Patterson, James
Q- Quigley, Sarah
R- Reeves, Dia
Riordan, Rick
Rowling, J.K.
Ryan, Carrie
S- Scott, Elizabeth
T- Taylor, GP
V- Vande Velde, Vivian
Verday, Jessica
Vivian, Siobhan
W- Wasserman, Robin
Westerfeld, Scott
Wooding, Chris
Y- Yovanoff, Brenna

*The book written under this screen name was amazing. So, technically she's the author.

Okay, okay. So I had some difficulty with a few letters. I almost stuck in a very popular Z author (Zusak)... but then I remembered that I haven't read his stuff. Alas. Should probably do that.

What does your list look like?

1 comment:

Erotic Horizon said...

Super cool list - I haven't read Holly Black in a while...

X - seems to be beating a whole lot of us..

Have a great reading week..


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