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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Beauty Shop for Rent... fully equipped, inquire within by Laura Bowers

Title: Beauty Shop for Rent... fully equipped, inquire within
Author: Laura Bowers
ISBN: 9780152057640
Publisher: Harcourt, Inc

"Hypothetical question of the week: If you were forced to have an extra body part implanted on your back, which would you choose? A finger, ear, breast, or noise?

Abbey Garner is used to killing time by reading questions from the snarky tabloids in Granny Po's struggling beauty shop. It's not like there are a lot of customers to help, anyway. Mostly just the feisty Gray Widows, who are there to primp, polish, perm... and, of course, gossip.

Abbey is there to work - to get a head start on the million dollars she intends to earn by the time she's thirty-five. She doesn't have much time for boyfriends, parties, or hanging out with friends. But with the arrival of a trendy young woman who rents the beauty parlor and turns it into a modern-day spa, at least Abbey has a chance to make some real money.

Then all this fades into the background when Abbey's mother, who abandoned her on Granny Po's doorstep four years ago, suddenly shows up with a wild scheme of her own."

This is a great story that is very cute, but fairly serious issues mentioned a the same time. I do have to say that it's not so based in reality just because it's very rosy and everyone does and says the things they're supposed to. Not so much how it works in the real world.

But the story is a lot of fun and I feel like I know these characters in real life - especially the older ladies. I read this book so fast and was very into it the entire time. I was a little worried about how it was going to turn out - but I was pretty satisfied when I finished.

I'd definitely recommend this to plenty of our teens - especially girls. I think they can definitely identify with the story and if not, the characters.

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