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Thursday, July 16, 2009

Peeled by Joan Bauer

Title: Peeled
Author: Joan Bauer
ISBN: 9780399234750
Publisher: G. P. Putnam's Sons

"Something's rotten in apple country!

Hildy Biddle is a high school reporter eager to stand up for the truth. She's just waiting for a chance to prove herself as a journalist, and yearning for a big story. The trouble is, the town's biggest story stars... a ghost. Not a very easy interview!

This ghost has the town in a tizzy, and the local paper is playing up people's fears with shocking headlines of eerie happenings and ghostly sightings. Hildy's determined to discover what's really going on, but her desire to uncover the truth is making some people awfully nervous.

Does the truth have a chance ot being heard over all the buzz?"

What a wonderful story! I've heard good things about this author in the past, and I'll definitely say good things about her in the future. I'm definitely glad I finally picked up one of her books. Perhaps now I'll backtrack and look at her older stuff!

The story is so cute! It's all apple related, which makes it super delicious. It's such a light, wonderful story that is funny, clever, and smart. I absolutely recommend this book to anyone looking for a good realistic story - especially girls.

I'd recommend this book in an instant for girls of any age - literally. Especially if they have an interest in being a journalist. The story is a great look at the realism around a high school journalist. But it's a fun story and anyone can appreciate that.

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