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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Boot Camp by Todd Strasser

Title: Boot Camp
Author: Todd Strasser
ISBN: 9781416908487
Publisher: Simon and Schuster

"In the middle of the night Garrett is taken from his home to Harmony Lake, a boot camp for troubled teens.

Maybe some kids deserve to be sent there, but Garrett knows he doesn't. Subjected to brutal physical and psychological abuse, he tries to fight back, but the battle is futile. He won't be allowed to leave until he's admitted his "mistakes" an conformed to Harmony Lake's standards of behavior. And there's no way to fake it. Beaten, humiliated, and stripped of his pride, Garrett's spirit is slowly ebbing away. Then he hears whispers of an escape plot. It's incredibly risky - if he's caught, the consequences will be unthinkable - but it may be his only way out."

This book was an insane and crazy story about a boy who is thrown into boot camp. It's raw, intense, and sometimes a bit scary. But it's a great read and keeps you interested throughout the whole story. It was a little obvious where it was going to go (or where I hoped it would go), but it was a crazy ride getting there.

The story is a great book for the "reluctant reader" - it's an easy story to get into and a hard one to put down. It's also a look into a place that's not often seen. I mean, at least a realistic look into what life in a boot camp might actually be like. I know it's probably a little exaggerated for the story, but it's still really interesting.

I'd absolutely recommend this book to teens of any age. It's a crazy topic, but it's done well and anyone can relate to it. I've heard good things about this author before... and I'll be looking for others of his books in the future.

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