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Monday, July 27, 2009

The Carbon Diaries 2015

Title: The Carbon Diaries 2015
Author: Saci Lloyd

ISBN: 9780823421909
Publisher: Holiday House


"The enviro's gone completely mad.

After the Great Storm hit London, everyone was like, It's 2015 already. Stop global warming now. So the gov volunteered Britain to be the stupid guinea pig freak and ration carbon while the rest of Europe flew to Ibiza on holiday.

At first it was weird - blackouts, looting, fuel shortages. But I still had my lifeline - my band, the dirty angels. And the hope is that Ravi would notice me. Eventually.

But then everything got bare twisted. All winter the country was a frozen tundra. Then after months of no rain, Europe literally caught fire, and the mayor had riot police shoot protesters with live bullets! I'll give him a carbon footprint - right in the arse.

Now, as I write this, the highest-category storm in history is headed straight for us. People have died all around me this year, and I'm dead scared. I just wish things would go back to normal, but I don't know what that means anymore."

This book is a very interesting mix of science fiction story and global warming commentary. Throughout the whole book, you get the feeling that any of these things are possible. It's actually a little scary when you think about it - the idea of having to ration carbon. But also very interesting at the same time.

I loved that hte book was written in a diary format - especially how it seemed to have pictures and printouts taped in it. It just made the flow of the book very smooth and logical. And it gave you a sense of time frame for all of these disasters and things going on. It makes you wonder how much could happen in a year.

I'd absolutely recommend this book to literally anyone. It does have a few British-isms that you have to decode, but there's a glossary in the back if you're still confused. But this book is good for both guys and girls... and of almost any age. I was just impressed at how much more I liked it than I thought I would.

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