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Monday, March 9, 2009

Dirty Laundry by Daniel Ehrenhaft

Title: Dirty Laundry
Author: Daniel Ehrenhaft
ISBN: 9780061131035
Publisher: HarperTeen

"The School:
The Winchester School of the Arts, nicknamed 'The Laundromat' because it's where better schools send their 'dirty laundry.' Getting kicked out of Exeter, Hotchkiss, or Choate? End up at Winchester.
The Girl:
Carli, a gorgeous pigtailed Hollywood actress going undercover at Winchester to research her role.
The Boy:
Fun (short for Fellini Udall Newport), an embittered senior and graffiti artist who was almost expelled - until his dad (and a lot of money) convinced the headmaster to let him work off his time as Carli's assistant.
The Problem:
Beautiful, talented senior Darcy Novak, one of the least screwed-up people at Winchester, as disappeared.
As Carli and Fun discover each other's hidden talents, there's a villain setting them up. Can they save Darcy - and themselves - or will they wash out?"

This book was a quick, fun read that dabbled in a bit of mystery and a bit of fun. The premise was a bit silly, but it kinda worked well in the end. It's the story of a Hollywood actress moving across the country to go to a boarding school in order to do research for her latest gig. She gets way more than she bargained for - including friends and an unsolved mystery.

The story would totally work for those who would like a light mystery - it's never very intense :). Here are a few other people who wrote about the book too: Here and here.

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