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Thursday, August 5, 2010

Library Chatter (2)

I know my last "Library Chatter" was craft-related, but summer time is really craft-heavy... so I've got another one to share with you. We have done this program once before and both times it has been a lot of fun - for the kids and for us.

Bubble Wrap Fashion Show
Grades 7-12 (but younger kids could do it, too)
This summer we decided to repeat one of our previous programs because it was so successful. Bubble Wrap Fashion is the next big thing, I can just feel it :).
The Library provided the bubble wrap (we used the large rolls from office supply stores - comes in various sizes) and colorful duct tape (which I got from Michael's). It's an expensive program, but we got some funding from Teen Read Week stuff last year and summer reading grants this year. So, expensive, but it's pretty worth it.
We just let the kids go at it. We said they had to create something to wear - we didn't care what that was. They were required to wear something under it... don't wanna get sued or whatever. We had them sign up in teams because creating something on yourself is really difficult. For those solos, we had volunteers on standby to give them help.
We took pictures of the whole thing, but my release forms didn't cover my blog, so they're either headless or their backs. Sorry about that. :). But here are some of the designs they came up with:

We did give away prizes and awards for participating. They did such a great job and we were blown away with their creativity.
If you were making a bubble wrap outfit, what would you make??

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