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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Library Chatter (3)

So, I think today's post is going to be in the more "advice needing" category. Here's why - I'm thinking about starting up a book club for my teens at work.

I know a lot of book clubs follow a pretty set format. Everyone reads the same book and discusses it at the meeting. My idea is to not have everyone read the same book - just let the teens talk about books they are currently reading or have loved in the past. That way it's more like booktalking instead of analyzing a book to death.

My reason for wanting to do a book club this way is because we don't always have a bunch of copies of the books I'd want to read with everyone. And I also have really bad memories of books be analyzed until I no longer liked them.

What do you think? Have any of you ever been in or started a book club? What was it like?

The teens at my library change drastically from summer to the school year. I had originally been thinking about this for next summer (because I'm tired of telling parents that no, we don't have actual book programming)... but I'm kinda excited to get it started. But our school year kids are the ones who are just looking for a place to hang out with their friends... and to get kicked out. Besides manga, I'm not sure any of them read much. But maybe I'm wrong!

So, I'm looking for advice. Anyone have teen book club experience?


Savannah said...

Actually that sounds like a very interesting very unique idea. I'm sure they will love to share what they are reading.

Anonymous said...

Within the last week or two, I have had several teens at my library ask me if I was going to start a book club just for them (since we have a strong adult book club). So I have been throwing ideas around and one of the ideas was just talk about the books we are currently reading or recently read. That would be a great way to get a teen book club established.

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