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Friday, February 6, 2009

Girl v. Boy by Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout

Title: Girl v. Boy
Author: Yvonne Collins and Sandy Rideout
ISBN: 9781423101574
Publisher: Hyperion

"Fifteen year old Luisa Perez is not looking to win any awards for school spirit. In fact, she and her friends make it a point to avoid all activities considered "extracurricular." So when her English teacher volunteers her to be an anonymous columnist for the school paper. Luisa's first impulse is to run. But, unlike her high school dropout sister, Luisa does want to go to college - it may be her only ticket out of the life spent working at the cowboy-themed diner where she waitresses part time - and it would be nice to have something to put on her applications.

Her first assignment is to cover her high school's latest fund raiser, which pits the girls against the boys. Luisa will cover the events from the female point of view, while another anonymous writer provides the male perspective - or, at least, that's how it begins. The two columnists soon find themselves engaged in an epic battle of the sexes - a battle that Luisa is determined to win, even if it means risking the best relationship she's ever had."

I am, as a rule, a big fan of chick lit. And I have to say that I loved this book because it was chick lit with some meat to it. The main characters weren't upper-middle class, it wasn't a suburban setting, it wasn't all silly drama (though some of that was included). It's also a funny and realistic look at the different sides of relationships. It was just a really clever book.

I'd really recommend this book to anyone who loves both realistic fiction and chick lit. It's a fast, interesting, and cool story. Enjoy!!

This book is also reviewed here, here, and here. :) Oh and here's the authors' website!

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