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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Caught Between the Pages by Marlene Carvell

Title: Caught Between the Pages
Author: Marlene Carvell
ISBN: 9780525479161
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile


"For sophomore PJ Barnes, the hardest thing about high school is scamming a hall pass when he's tardy - which is all the time. And homework is a breeze; he just doesn't do it. Why should he? Nobody - not even his soccer coach - is riding him about it anyway. Nobody with the exception of his English teacher, Mrs. Jordan - and she just won't cut him a break.

But then her personal diary winds up sandwiched between his assignments, and for once, opportunity is knocking for PJ. Mrs. Jordan's journal could be a gold mine with answers to tests and some juicy gossip about fellow students - or even Mrs. Jordan. But PJ's choice to read the journal slams him with unexpected family secrets that hold the keys to his past, and possibly his future - if he doesn't get caught between the pages."

This was a great realistic fic book - mostly because the characters seemed so true to life. I can pretty much picture them perfectly. The story itself was very different than I imagined it would be - not that I should ever assume what a book would be like. But I did enjoy what the book was - a mostly light hearted look at a teen boy's life when faced with difficult decisions.

I actually started a journal because of this book about my job. I liked the way the teacher was seen as just stating facts about her students - just to have the information/or maybe just to remember. So, I was inspired by the book, technically.... :)

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