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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Must Love Black by Kelly McClymer

Title: Must Love Black
Author: Kelly McClymer
ISBN: 9781416949039
Publisher: Simon Pulse


Sounds like a coffee-loving, seclusion-seeking goth girl's dream job. Philippa isn't fazed by the fog-enshrouded mansion on a cliff, the weirdest twins on the planet, or even the rumors about ghosts, 'cause when she meets the estate's hot gardener, Philippa's pretty sure she's found her dream boy, too. Too bad Geoff's already taken... by a girl whose wardrobe is head-to-toe pink. Still, Philippa can't get Geoff out of her head. What will it take to lure him to the dark side?"

There are times when I really love a short, easy, fun story - one that can pull you in and just as easily tie up the ending. It's a nice change to all of the series fic that's out there right now.

I was expecting this story to be a bit darker than it ended up. A bit more girly than I was expecting. That's not a bad thing, for sure. It was a nice bit of mystery as well - without it being an obvious mystery.

I do have to agree with one of the reviews I read about this one - that the ending is a bit rushed. It's almost like there are pieces of the story missing from the last couple of chapters. I think the book could have been much longer (with all of the stuff it could have put in the ending). But I did love the book, nonetheless... perhaps I could have hoped for more in the end.

The main bit of this book is about a crush - something we all know about. I loved how this turned out and I feel like everyone wishes for their crushes to turn out this way. I'd definitely recommend this story to anyone in middle or high school - it's a little younger than the high school reader... but it's a nice, fun story that would help in between all that school work :).

Here's a link to the author's blog.
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