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Friday, June 25, 2010

Robyn (Making a Splash) by Jade Parker

Title: Robyn (Making a Splash #1)
Author: Jade Parker
ISBN: 9780545045407
Publisher: Point
Page #: 233
Source: From my library

Robyn's Park Rules:
1. Get the kids down the Splash ride safely! So Supervisor Sean will stop checking up on me.

2. Talk with BFF Caitlin about cute boys by Tsunami Wave Pool.

3. Figure out new co-worker Whitney - is she hiding something?

4. Why is Sean always on my case? And when did he get so cute?

5. Survive the summer!
First Lines:

"'Brawk! Welcome to Paradise Falls! Brawk!'
With my large tote bag slung over my shoulder, I looked up at the parrot sitting on a swing hanging from a tall pole."
Page 1

First off... I just need to complain a little about Barnes and Nobel and Amazon's online summary of the book. They didn't even get the name right for one of the main characters! It wasn't super accurate either... who gives those summaries? Did they even read the book?!? This is why I take summaries from the backs of books. Those tend to be about right.

Rant over. Okay... I really loved this book. Like, love love loved it. There are times when I feel like I've read too much paranormal or heavy topic stuff. This is the perfect cure. It's a lighthearted romance novel about two best friends who start working at the water park for the summer. They meet boys, they break up with boys, they realize boys they didn't look at before. And so on. It's wonderful.

The writing is really easy to get into - I really did wish to pick it back up after I started reading. Now... it did only take me a day to get through. That's one downside with these easy, light books. They're just so fast! Now I have to go search for the second book so I can keep my brain in this wonderful space :).

One thing I really appreciated was the lack of cattiness. Lately when you read stuff that is for teen girls and is romance-centered... there's usually some sort of cattiness that keeps you from liking several of the characters. In this book, there are hints of it, but it's never full blown and characters end up hating. That always takes away from the story, and this one did it perfectly.

This is a great series for girls who need something fun, light, and romantic. It made my inner-teenage-girl all giddy. I think I may have actually said "aww!" a couple of times. But I'll deny it if you ever bring it up.

As for the author... Jade Parker. I just found out that Jade Parker is actually Rachel Hawthorne who writes other fun romance books and some paranormal. She's a good author, so I'm not particularly surprised. She wrote one book Caribbean Cruising that I ended up reading a few times because it was such a great story. That romance stuff reels me in from time to time.

Great book! Read it :).
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Sara said...

Whoa! This seems like a really great read! Thanks for the lovely review. And I can't believe Amazon and Barnes and Novel...wow.

And you've won an award over at my blog!

Emidy @ Une Parole said...

Adorable! I'm in the mood for something light-ish, and this sounds perfect. Great review!

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