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Sunday, September 2, 2012

Nevermore by James Patterson

Title: Nevermore 
Author: James Patterson
ISBN: 9780316101844
Publisher: Little, Brown and Company
Released: August 6, 2012
Series: Maximum Ride #8
Page #: 344
Source: My public library

"One last chance...
For Max, Fang, and Dylan...
Before it all ends.

Are you ready for the final chapter?
Are you ready for the ultimate fight?
Because THIS IS IT.

One last incredible, explosive adventure with an astonishing ending that no one could have seen coming."
First Lines:

"It was night, and Angel was perched on the hot surface of the scorched rock cliff. Her wings were spread out behind her, her ravaged legs swinging into nothingness, her ears straining in the strange new silence."
Page 3

Okay, kids. I've been a fan of the Maximum Ride series for a long while. When I found out that this was the last book, I got excited to see what crazy stuff was going to happen. But I'm not sure I got the ending I was expecting...

So, Max and her flock have been through hell and back. They've been experimented on, poked and prodded, they've been split up, they've fought for their lives more times than you can count, and so on. What more could be thrown at them? The end of the world, perhaps?

On the surface, you have this epic love triangle between Max and her two boys - Dylan and Fang. One who has left her and the other who was engineered to be her perfect match. It doesn't help that they are pretty much opposites and Max has no idea what to do about it. That's a story line that came around a couple of books ago. I was looking forward to the conclusion of it. SPOILER: she doesn't pick. It's still left open ended. So that was a little annoying... 

There is also this crazy storyline about the scientists who made the bird kids. The kids are always being hunted and the whitecoats want them back to experiment on them. The problem is that they created even scary-er creatures to take them down. So there's constant battling and people start dying left and right. All of the adults in their lives are suspect. SPOILER: But here's the problem... none of those people are the issue in the end. The world just explodes? I'm still not sure...

Maybe my expectations were just too high. I thought the ending was going to hold all of the answers. It just didn't for me - though, some might be able to find some answers there, but it wasn't enough for me. I think it was left a little too open-ended. And there seems to be a possibility of more books. Of course, what author would want to completely close off a popular series. Alas! I was just hoping for more closure.

If you haven't read this series yet, then I've probably told you far more than you needed to know. But I do think that this is a series you need to try. Each book has been a quick read and I have enjoyed all of them. So I still recommend them, for sure. Just don't expect some epically amazing ending :). I do look forward to more from Patterson. I think he's got the formula down for a great YA series. Worth your while, in my opinion. 
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