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Monday, September 3, 2012

The Dark Unwinding Tour: Sharon Cameron Interview

This book tour is presented by The Book Vortex. I am so excited to present to you Sharon Cameron who has recently published her first book: The Dark Unwinding. You can see my review of it here. And now her interview...
  Photo by Rusty Russel (2011)
1. Why did you decide to write about England when you live in Tennessee? Did you have to do a lot of research to get the place and feel right?

I’m a great believer in writing about whatever lights your own inner fire, and for me, that’s Britain. I feel incredibly at home there, especially in the West Highlands of Scotland (maybe it’s my DNA!). As far as the Victorian era, I’ve always found it fascinating, and had read a ton of writing, both fiction and non-fiction, from the period long before I ever began The Dark Unwinding. So I was coming from a very comfortable place even before I started my (exhaustive!) research. I’m a nit-picky researcher, so it helps to be researching an era you love.

2. Since your book has a historical setting: If you could go back, what historical time period would you want to live in?

Ooo, fascinating question! And one that I’ve actually given thought to many times. I can think of so many interesting historical events I’d love to see and clothes I just KNOW I’d look good in, but when I think of dentists, doctors, and the justice system I remember that “now” is really not so bad! But, if I had to choose, I think I’d want to live right at the turn of the century, before World War I, in a small idyllic village where a lost cow or what sort of pie needs baked that day might be life’s biggest problems. I think I’d like to be Anne of Green Gables, except in Scotland.

3. Are there any authors who have influenced your writing?

Oh, yes. For The Dark Unwinding, Charlotte Bronte (a la Jane Eyre) is obviously a huge influence, but I also have to give major kudos to Daphne DuMaurier’s Rebecca. I think that book more than any other showed me how to make the ordinary and everyday seem just a little bit creepy.

4. Did you base any of the characters off of people you know in real life?

The truth? No, not at all! For me, characters are products of their setting. What kind of person do you become if you spend your early years in Aunt Alice’s morning room? If you spend you childhood taking care of Uncle Tully? We’re all somewhat shaped by our environment, and I think a character in a book is no different.

5. Did you originally write this title with young adults in mind? It seems like a story that adults would find interesting as well.

Confession: I’ve never actually specifically written for any age group. I write for people that love stories, and when you love a story, I don’t think it matters a whit what age you are or what age that story is “supposed” to be for. I think great stories transcend age groups.

6. Will there be a sequel? It seems like there is a lot more story that could be told.

Absolutely! The sequel is scheduled for the fall of 2013. Stay tuned!
Thank you so much for the interview! 
Find Sharon at:
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On Twitter: @CameronSharonE
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Definitely go check out this book today! I loved it and I know you will too.    

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