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Thursday, August 5, 2010

kimmie66 by Aaron Alexovich

Title: kimmie66
Author: Aaron Alexovich
ISBN: 9781401203733
Publisher: Minx
Page #: 148
Source: From My Library

"Telly Kade is pretty much your typical 23rd century teen. She's got impossible hair, misfit friends, a big sloppy brother... and a pair of VR goggles that lets her live among the vampires - online, at least. She's also got a problem: a suicide note from her best friend, Kimmie66. But if Kimmie is really dead, why is she still being seen all over the 'net? Ghost, prank, or something much, much creepier? To find out, Telly will have to dig through every dark corner of the internet and uncover the truth behind the mysterious life and death of the girl she thought she knew best."
First Lines:

"Hullo... My name is Telly... I'm 14 years aged... full of bounce... And it is time to PAR-TAY!!
Nah, just kidding. I'm not really a big party-person. Aren't you relieved??"
Pages 6-8

After reading this book, I remember why I loved the Minx publications. I have no idea why they stopped... ah well. kimmie66 can only be described as a science fiction graphic mystery. Intriguing, huh?

I've read several graphics lately and none are even close to this one. Not only is it set hundreds of years in the future, most of the story takes place outside of reality. Namely, virtual reality... but not quite how we see virtual reality today. It's more like places to socialize and such instead of just playing games. Anyway, it took me a minute to really grasp what was going on - but the story is so cute and explains it all for you up front. I like that sometimes where the main character is chatting with the reader.

Especially when the main character is a cute little goth girl :). It's all about her going on a search for her friend that she thinks may not have fully committed suicide like the note she left. There's lots of strange characters - as you can imagine in a virtual reality world. This makes for some really great art... though it is very dark at times (and sometimes you're really not sure what's going on).

I think those that are into futuristic stories will really dig the worlds in this book. I'll be handing this book to any of my teens interested in more graphic novels that have that modern, goth twist. I know plenty of people who will love it. I'd say go find this one :).

But all in all, it's a fast and interesting story. Kinda packs a punch in such a small package. See? This is why Minx needs to come back. I've read and loved many of their publications. Anyway, I didn't find a website for the author of this one, so you'll have to settle on other reviews:
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Jennifer Oberth said...

Sounds interesting. I really like your review of it, it's intriguing.

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