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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Whitney (Making a Splash #3) by Jade Parker

Title: Whitney (Making a Splash #3)
Author: Jade Parker

ISBN: 9780545045421

Publisher: Point
Page #: 248

Source: From my public library


"Whitney's Summer Goals:
1. Throw the best parties over at the water park - and avoid backstabbing nemesis Marci.

2. Stop eating so much ice cream from Jake's ice cream cart. Who cares that he's really cute and sweet?

3. Figure out Caitlin and Robyn... will they still be my friends if they find out my secret?

4. Quit looking at Jake!

5. Work on tan."
First Lines:

"Working. Not exactly my idea of the perfect summer vacation. Oh, wait. Work, by definition is not a vacation. What was my dad thinking when he came up with this plan?"
Page 1

I reviewed the first two books in this series earlier this year. Check those out:
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Caitlin #2

This is such a cute and girly and fun story. Each book is told in the different perspective of each girl in the set of friends. Mostly they're about boys and such, but there's a lot about friendship and how to deal with enemies in this one.

Throughout the first two books, you realize that the third friend, Whitney, has some huge secret that she won't let them in on. As I hoped, this third story fills you in on all that Whitney has going for her. It's nice to have her side of the story - even if she is sort of a spoiled, rich princess. :)

There were a few things that I wish had been more developed - the ending felt a little rushed. I did wish that there had been more about the conclusion... more about the end of the summer and how things turned out. I like the conclusion. I just wished for more.

I'd absolutely recommend these three books to anyone looking for a quick and easy romance for teen girls. It's light and really puts you in the summer love mood. I had to get the last book in before it gets too cold outside to imagine the summertime :). But these books are wonderful relaxation. I would read them in order, though... not that it would be life changing, but there are bits that are talked about in the later books.

I really hope to see more books with these characters. They're a lot of fun and I'm really curious what happens during the school year - there are so many possibilities! Keep your eyes peeled for more.
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